Manchester Police Athletic League



The Manchester Police Athletic League strives to foster and maintain positive relationships between the youth of the Greater Manchester area and members of the Manchester Police Department. MPAL offers area youth a safe structured environment to help kids grow, make the right choices and become productive members of the community. By providing mentoring along with sports, educational, and enrichment instruction in the after school/early evening hours, we believe we are making champions both in and out of the gym.
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Just a reminder to check the MPAL Facebook frequently in case of any cancellations that could be due to school vacations, or because of the weather. If you still aren't sure please reach out to me either by email, or by 774-402-0730.
Quick update for everyone. I'm still waiting on a response from John on when everyone can get started but I will be going to the site Monday morning, and will know then so watch for an email from me. I appreciate everyone for trying to be flexible with the schedule.

Thank you,
Connor Smith
Thank you to all of those who could make it to the meeting tonight. For those who couldn't make it, please send me an email on what day you would like to go to the site, and if you haven't yet, please drop off the application at the Meelia Center so I have them all for John. As a heads up for those wanting to go on Thursday it is a possibility that some will have to go on different days due to the quantity of service learners. I will know more about this after I speak with John tomorrow. If you still haven't had the class linked to the site, or haven't attended the service learning meeting please do so. Finally one thing I forgot to touch on is transportation, if you have no way of getting to the site please let me know ASAP. If you have any trouble with the new database, or anything relating to the site, drop by the Meelia Center and myself or someone else can help you.

Thank you,
Connor Smith
There will be a meeting Tuesday the 28th, at 7 pm outside the meelia center. We will discuss the site and a few things that John wanted me to go over with everyone.

Thank you,